Join the Scammell Register

Membership of the Scammell Register is open to anyone who has an interest in Scammell, not only vehicle owners. All who have an interest in Scammells are most welcome to join – we have many Members who are non owners. Some of these are ex-Scammell employees, while others have experience of restoring or driving them and their help has been greatly appreciated by many Scammell owners. Many of our Members are quite simply enthusiasts for these great vehicles and include model makers and historians.

Benefits of Joining

By joining us, you will become a Member of an organisation that will do their best to assist you with information, spares and advice on Scammell products – in fact, it’s like becoming a member of a big family where everyone has a common interest!

To keep our Members informed, the Register produces 4 Newsletters a year, containing articles on Scammells (often sent in by Members) and a forum for Members seeking advice. Another useful feature is the Scammell Mart which Members can use to buy and sell items including vehicles.

The Scammell Register

One key part of our activities is to collate and keep up to date a Register of Scammell products which are owned by our Members and still in existence. Members can enter all equipment produced by Scammells between 1922 and 1988, the last year of production, onto the Register.

Cost of Joining

January - June

July - December

Annual thereafter

(Subject to annual review)

Further Information

If you have any queries regarding your membership, current or future, please contact the Membership Secretary.

The Scammell Register