DVLA Applications

I’ve set out these notes about the process of applying for an age related plate, whether for a civilian or an ex-military lorry, or for the original registration number for your civilian Scammell. In recent months we have successfully applied for a number of age related plates and have another couple of applications in the pipe-line. However these have involved a lot of phone calls and letters to and fro; so these notes will hopefully clarify the process.

Firstly it is important to understand that the officers at the DVLA can only work with the paperwork that is in front of them and that they can only work from written evidence. Unfortunately, no matter how good it is, verbal “proof” just isn’t good enough. I know of several vehicles where we know that the chassis number and registration number are both correct but there is no written evidence to tie them together, so an application for the original number is not possible. In the case of age related plates an applicant must have documentary proof that can put a specific date to that particular chassis number. Unfortunately the Register cannot always do that, our records are far from complete. There are one or two privately owned archives that we can use but, because we are reliant on someone’s spare time and good will, enquiries can take a long time.

To apply for either the original number or an age related plate you must complete a V55/5 and a V765 which are available from your post office (if it hasn’t been closed down!). Send these to me together with copies of as much information as possible. This could be an old buff log book, tax disc, plating certificate or other evidence from archives. In the case of log books, plating certificates and similar these copies must be authenticated and stamped by your local DVLA office. Please don’t send me the originals, I will only have to send them back to you, there is always a risk that they will get lost in the post! You must also send me a recent photo of the vehicle. If you have a modern V5 log book send it to me instead of the V55/5, but please use Royal Mail Special Delivery, or something else secure, to keep it safe.

Once I have all the information and can definitely link chassis number and date (and original number where required) I can then complete the application to DVLA. The last part of the process before the paperwork goes to Swansea is that we have to arrange for a Register official to visit to physically check that the chassis number is as stated on the paperwork and that the vehicle is what you say it is and hasn’t been substantially altered. This service is normally free of charge for members of the Register, although if you live in some remote part of the country we may have to charge expenses to cover the cost of petrol. The service is also available for non-members but there is a charge of £25 (plus expenses).

If you would like more information, please contact the Parry Davis

The Scammell Register