About the Scammell Register

The Scammell Register is the organisation for anyone who owns, or has any interest in, this famous marque of lorry.

As the years tick by, fewer and fewer Scammells are in daily use although the numbers in preservation grow every year. The original aims of the Scammell Tractor Register are still at the heart of the Scammell Register, which can be seen at the regular meetings and events they attend.

2008 saw the Scammell Register celebrate its 25th anniversary. This milestone was marked by events across the UK and a huge amount of publicity in magazines, as reported in our News page. this year, The Scammell Register and its members, many with their vehicles, can be seen at events across the UK, ensuring that scammell – the legend lives on.

However, some of our Members, including Joby Carter and his family, whose funfair we join at Croxley Green, still use Scammells, one of which dates back to 1942, as working vehicles.

The main aims of the Register are to record the details of Members’ vehicles Help Members in any way we can, and Ensure the Scammell Legend Lives On.

History of the Scammell Register

The Scammell Register was formed initially as The Scammell Tractor Register from an idea that the founder, Bill Bromidge, had at the Great Dorset Steam Fair back in 1983. Bill approached several Scammell owners, suggesting that a register should be formed to further the preservation and understanding of this famous marque as well as giving a forum for like minded owners to support each other with information and friendship. The inaugural meeting was held in Honiton, Devon on the 12th November 1983.

The Register was open to Scammell Owners of Tractors built between 1922 and 1968 with bonnets to record the details and known history of member’s vehicles, to assist owners of such vehicles in their quest to keep them in preservation and to help members in any way they could. The Register was also to offer the hand of friendship to all Scammell men.

Back in 1987, the founder asked for a meeting with the original group of people that started the Register with a view to updating the aims and extend the vehicle dates for inclusion, add forward control tractors and open the Register to Scammell enthusiasts that did not own vehicles. Agreement was reached on the vehicles and “Associated Membership” was offered to non-vehicle owners.

A good selection of vehicles accompanied the Scammell Tractor Register’s visit to the works at Watford on the 7th May 1988. This was an enjoyable day but was also the last visit before the works closed on the 30th June that year. The last Scammell chassis being a Constructor 8.

Although the works closed, The Register continued on in strength with the by-line scammell – the legend lives on.

Further evolution of the Scammell Tractor Register took place in 1992 when Jack Kimp was elected as the new Honorary Secretary supported by a Committee. At the same time the vehicle eligibility dates were extended to cover the manufacturing period of Scammells (1922-1988) and include all products of the Scammell Works at Watford. Eventually, after a ballot of the members, the word Tractor was removed from the title. Since that time, it has been known as The Scammell Register.

From these humble beginnings, the Register has grown to over 300 members, in all parts of the UK and around the world including Holland, Italy, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

The Scammell Register