Scammell Drawings for Colouring in!

During these difficult times of social distancing and isolation at home it can be hard to keep occupied.
Brian Carter has kindly arranged these pictures for Scammell enthusiasts young and old to paint or colour in!

Once you are happy with your masterpiece why not share it with us via our social media accounts? 🙂

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  1. A very interesting account of the Scammell trucks. I had experience of driving one of the British Army recovery Scammells while in the REME cadets. Then I drove a Gun Tractor When attached to the Royal Artillery. This was to stand in for the normal “Rashion truck” driver Who was ill and so was his normal 3 ton Bedford, so I ended up with the Gun Tractor to go up to Hanover from Hildesheim and pick up the rashions and back. They sat in the rear like a pea in a pod. They could not believe it when I turned up with the Scammell. They thought I had come for a Divisions rashions.

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